industry news Tuesday 13 Apr 2021 @ 09:30 Serco Leisure - Interim Management Support Prospectus

Benefits of an interim management arrangement

At Serco Leisure we are excited about reopening and welcoming back our customers into our leisure facilities over the coming months in line with government guidance and the road mapped stages to recovery.

Whilst the future looks very positive, the past year has been an extremely difficult and challenging one for the leisure sector. UK Active estimate more than 400 leisure facilities have already closed, and during the lockdown’s an average of £90m in sector revenue was lost each week along with the wider detrimental impact this causes on the physical and mental wellbeing of leisure participants. This has placed significant pressure on local authority leisure facilities and contracts, which we have experienced first-hand, with some councils having to unfortunately re-consider their leisure options such as terminating contracts and bringing services back in-house.

In response to this, and to provide ongoing support to the sector, we have developed an Interim Management Support solution that is available for any local authority to access that provides low risk continuity of leisure services and employment protection for staff.

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