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Today’s government agencies are experiencing a seismic shift in computing capabilities, core processes, and  personnel workstyles. The consumerisation of mobile devices and around‐the‐clock advances in end‐user computing technology is driving entirely new IT and operational models.

There is no doubt that mobility can advance mission success, and there are mobile pioneers across all levels of government who have invested in new technologies to transform service delivery and operational efficiency. The key driver behind their success is workforce mobility — empowering personnel with remote access to government resources — which can only be attained by modernizing IT infrastructure and opera- tions. But modernization is a complex and arduous undertak- ing for any IT department, let alone a department managing  the world’s most sensitive data. To truly embrace the benefits of a mobile workforce, what is needed is a modern approach to managing data, applications, and identities across  devices.

We call this approach the digital workspace, which, in layman’s terms, is the digital manifestation of the applications, work- flows, and operations typically found in a physical workplace. Whereas a traditional workspace relies on the client‐server computing model (with applications, workloads, and users tightly intertwined with physical hardware), the digital work- space relies on the cloud and other mobile technologies to enable secure remote access to government resources across devices and locations. This modern approach to computing not only addresses mobility’s influence in the workplace, but also embraces IT modernization to improve service delivery, mission outcomes, and internal  operations.

Download this essential guide to Digital Government and learn how to:

•       Lead the digital transformation to drive efficiency and modernization in your agency
•       Improve data security,service delivery, and continuity of operations with a digital workspace
•       Enable secure, real-time access to data and applications across any device or location

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