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This Ultimate Guide to People Management Skills will deliver answers and understanding to the following. You can jump to the sections with the links below:

What is People Management?

People Management involves managing relationships to ensure desired outcomes are achieved so that the company, department, team and individual performance is maximised.

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Why Do We Need People Management Skills?

In a world where the diversity in the workplace is only increasing, People Management skills mean more than just having the posture and the look of a boss. It is about forming and cementing relationships, providing the right motivation, keeping the team on track, understanding the needs of an individual and helping people meet their goals.

The benefits are undeniable, a great team will be productive, have drive and motivation, be happy and successful. Poor leadership and management can have a negative effect that can lead to low morale, poor performance and worse, the loss of valuable talent. Thousands of searches are made to try and find the 3 skills of a manager, the top 5 leadership skills or the 3 basic types of management skills. People also look for the best management skills, the type of skills you need to be a manager or leader. There isn’t a silver bullet for People Management skills, you need to work on a variety of skills and behaviours.

Let’s explore the difference between management and leadership, the skills, behaviours and models that make good people managers. In doing so, we will answer some of the core questions above.

How Do We Best Manage Our People?

People management is useful in all areas of business, although, when we think of business we may think of an office and people in suits and ties. However, another place we see People Management is in sports. It could be any team activity really. But, it’s easy to draw parallels with the world of football. The reasons why you need management skills as a football club manager is similar to why we need these skills in a typical business environment.

Long before the kick-off, the manager has to make sure they think about every aspect of the team’s performance. From having the right tools (the necessary kit in good order) to their physical fitness (training and diet) to the strategy to win the game. All these things are vitally important. However, once the players are on the pitch, the manager can only watch on.

Therefore, with People Management skills, the team has to be instilled with the mental strength, team spirit and motivation to win. If he or she fails to do this, the team will lack a sense of purpose. Communication on the pitch will break down, and there won’t be the will or stamina to beat the opponent.

Now read that football analogy again. This time picture your staff and team and ask yourself this question:

Do your People Management skills enable your team to achieve their goals (and in turn yours) by supporting them with the right tools, a positive physical and mental environment, clear goals and strategy, plus the motivation to succeed?

If the answer is no, don’t worry. This guide to People Management skills is here to help...

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