industry news Thursday 21 Jul 2022 @ 11:15 UK government and political organisations have spent over £15m on Meta advertising since 2019




Government and political organisations have spent more than £15m on advertising and exposure on Meta (formally Facebook Inc) since November 2018, which is the second-highest out of all UK industries. 

The research, undertaken by Sortlist, used the Meta Ad Library Report to find the spending totals by specific Facebook Pages between 29 Nov 2018 - 24 Apr 2022.

You can view the research here:

Top 10 UK industries spending the most on Meta advertising:


Number of ads

Amount Spent (£)







Global matters









Social media
















The clear top advertising industry on Meta in the UK is charities, with a collective spend of £19,563,149 since November 2018. Charities like WWF UK, IRC, Greenpeace and Shelter are some of the organisations spending the most on Meta advertising, each totalling up to over one million pounds spent since 2018. Despite being the highest spending industry on Meta adverts, there were only 43,931 adverts displayed.

Government agencies and political entities are one of the biggest spending groups on Meta advertising. In the UK, governmental and political organisations, including The Scottish Government, the UK government and The Labour Party, have spent £15,742,209 on advertising on Meta.

With a total spend of £2,035,195, organisations combating global matters such as environmental issues are among the biggest spending industries when it comes to Meta adverts. The total spend comes from The Climate Pledge and Friends of the Earth.

Further Insights:

  • The Scottish government alone spent nearly £2.5 million on advertising with the technology giant.
  • Alongside the Scottish government, other political companies spending large amounts on Meta advertising included the UK government and The Labour Party who both spent around £1.5 million. 
  • Despite spending the most, charities only displayed 43,931 adverts - less than half of what the government/political policies produced. 
  • The ‘Health’ industry has spent the lowest amount on Meta advertising. Within the industry, around £400,000 was spent on a total number of 189 ads.
  • The top 10 industries created over 196,292 ads, which cost more than £45 million altogether. 

To review all of the research click here. I have also put together a dropbox folder of graphics for you here.


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