industry news Friday 04 Dec 2015 @ 09:07 WiredGov Appointed Media Partner to the 5th Annual Public Sector ICT Summit

WiredGov Appointed Media Partner to the 5th Annual Public Sector ICT Summit 

The fifth annual Public Sector ICT Summit will enable digital, technology and data leaders to shape the debate about the future of Government policy. With the wider roll out of platforms imminent, effective transition from legacy systems a political necessity and the use of data the subject of vigorous discussion, the Summit presents an opportunity to assess the progress and influence the development of ICT strategy.

Participate in a debate that gives you access to top speakers

Summit speakers include:

  • Stephen Foreshew-Cain, Executive Director, GDS
  • Steve Walters, Chief Technology Officer, HMRC
  • Sarah Wilkinson, CIO, Home Office
  • Mayank Prakash, Director General Technology, DWP
  • Chris Gibson, Director, CERT-UK
  • Nicola Blackwood MP, Chair, Select Committee on Science and Technology
  • Adam Thilthorpe, Director of Policy, Professionalism and Public Affairs, BCS
  • Rob Shaw, Director of Operations and Assurance Services & Senior Information Risk Owner, Health and Social Care Information Centre

Help to shape the direction of policy

Interact with experts that will be addressing issues such as:

  • The future of Government as a platform
  • Moving from legacy systems to next generation technology
  • Sharing secure data sets between departments
  • Implementing change across government
  • Creating a genuinely competitive marketplace
  • Going beyond transactions to radically transform services
  • Establishing a public sector IT profession
  • Network with counterparts from across the UK

Broaden your contact base by speaking to delegates such as:

  • Head of Digital Transformation, BIS
  • Head of Analysis, GDS
  • Head of PPM, Home Office
  • Head of Cyber Security, DWP
  • Head of Digital Customer and Service Support, HMRC

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