10 reasons why the Cabinet Office has adopted Google Apps for collaboration

Since January, the Cabinet Office has been running its own in-house service, an approach which is expected to achieve 40 percent savings (£6.8 million) compared to the outsourced services that have been replaced.

One of the key decisions was to deploy Google Apps for Work, with one of the biggest innovations being seen as the implementation of real-time document collaboration. The earlier user pilots, Google Docs was received with enthusiasm by civil servants who were able to work on the same document at the same time, from multiple locations - achieving higher quality work in a faster timeframe.

This timely white paper explains how Google Apps for Work is about more than just providing low cost email and outsourcing operations, enabling a true cloud environment addressing ten of the key challenges most public sector organisations face today, by being designed from the ground up to run securely in the cloud. Designed for teams and available on any device with a browser, it allows your organisation to become more effective and more innovative.

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