46% of Councils Exposed to Cyber Security Threats

Research shows that 46% of councils in the UK are using unsupported operating systems in their IT infrastructure. 94% are running Windows Server 2008, which is out of mainstream support and 13% are paying for extended support.

By operating with these outdating systems, local authorities are exposing themselves and their stakeholders to significant security vulnerabilities, in addition to risking data integrity and the ongoing function of critical services.

Upgrades of this kind are recommended at least every 5 years. While the majority of councils are planning to upgrade in the next 12 to 24 months, the process for changing server operating systems and software is no easy task.

Based on the extensive work performed throughout the NHS, Police Service and Local Authorities, such as the London Borough of Hillingdon, North Ayrshire Council and Coventry City Council, Certero has compiled the ‘4 Steps to Upgrading Server Operating Systems Quickly and Cost-Effectively’. We explain how to use hardware and software asset management tools and principles to:

  • eliminate human errors
  • improve cost efficiency
  • improve IT governance
  • speed up server upgrade processes
  • reduce the cost of the future IT estate

Submit your details below to download your free copy today, along with our latest public sector case study on delivering cost-effective, secure and compliant visibility of 100,000 devices across multiple locations:

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