8 Ways the Public Sector Can Maintain Email Security

Public sector employees are essential workers, especially since the advent of COVID-19.

Although a large percentage of these workers are on the front line, many more are now supporting  public sector operations whilst working from home.

For many of these employees, remote working was a completely new proposition, and workers were faced with having to balance new working environments, routines and family commitments, whilst remembering to employ the same cyber hygiene and web security standards that they did in their usual office or workplace.

With a workforce unused to working remotely and threat actors increasing their activity and specifically targeting public services during these uncertain times, it is doubtful that there has ever been a time when citizen data and the continuity of Public Services have been at greater risk.

With Public sector organisations more vulnerable and susceptible to security breaches than ever before, serious consideration should be given to how to manage this new threat landscape.

Download this simple 8-step framework to help you build out the foundation for your remote working cyber security strategy:

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