A Guide to Easing Public Service Resourcing Pressures

As the pressure of budget cuts continues, public service providers are looking at a wholesale transformation of services in the face of mounting barriers including reductions in funding, changing legislation, pay freezes and the subsequent need to be more commercially-minded and business-focused than ever before.

The public sector needs people with the right skills to cope with the significant challenges expected from citizens. While training and continuous development are important, a large part of securing a qualified workforce is to attract people with the right qualifications and best potential in the first place.

Councils and Police Forces continue to express serious concern that they will not be able to maintain high service quality under the current rate of budget cuts from central government.

With tightened budgets and conditions, public service organisations must demonstrate ROI at every level. Operating under financial constraints means making sure the organisation gets maximum value from its investment.

This detailed 5-chapter guide explores the key ways of helping organisations to answer these challenges and highlights some recent public sector successes, including how West Mercia and Warwickshire Police Authorities reported a 294% savings rate within six months and dramatically reduced its annual agency spend from £3m to £1m.  

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Guide to Easing Public Service Resourcing Pressures:

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