Active Directory: Mitigating Risk in a World of Fast Paced Unprecedented Change

90 percent of organisations currently at risk of a data breach 

Change is a necessary part of any organisation, but rarely does it happen as quickly and with such little warning as in early 2020. Enforced measures to reduce social contact led to many public sector organisations being forced to make drastic changes to workforce numbers and practices.

The vast majority of organisations rely on Active Directory (AD) as the authoritative source of user-account information and the front line of access control. Dealing with this huge amount of change means off-boarding large numbers of employees quickly and managing their access status, while adopting cloud applications such as Azure and O365 at the same time. Then, when things improve, needing to reactivate workers who were quickly furloughed without much of a plan.

Whatever the root of the situation, it’s highly unlikely that your AD is properly managed and secure. Studies show that 90 percent of organisations are at risk of a data breach as a result of failings in their AD administration practices but that 50 percent believe that they are fully secure.

In this white paper, we discuss three different scenarios in which properly tuned AD account lifecycle management can mitigate the risk whilst empowering organisations to easily handle fast-paced, even unprecedented changes:

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