An Unexpected Solution: How Local Government can cut Expenditure by Improving Efficiency


UK councils are constantly facing cuts from the government, with future funding models predicting cuts of over 60% by the end of the decade. A local government analysis found that this year 60% of councils will perform some sort of service reduction to help meet the budget gap (LGA).

But what if a cut in budget doesn’t have to mean a cut in service provision? 
What if councils could increase the efficiency of services, to not only increase local satisfaction, but also save money?

Last year the Local Government Association released documentation claiming that if governments could not increase efficiency, they would need to cut some services altogether.

Switching government procedures from paper to online has proved to save millions in expenses over the years. Look at Sheffield council, for example – it recently moved its housing benefits system online and saved £1,000,000 in the first year (LGA).

The aim of this latest whitepaper is to provide a way in which local government can cut costs by using a Social Media Management Tool. Methods to cut costs will be explained in 3 main categories:

  • reacting to the community
  • raising awareness
  • business organisation

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