Are you ready to leave the digital Stone Age?


Major changes are on the way for all organisations that handle, store or utilise data as the European Union gets ever closer to agreeing a new Data Protection Regulation – and Crown Records Management believes now is the time to leave the digital Stone Age behind.

Crown Records Management, an expert in the storage and retrieval of digital and physical data that works in 60 countries, fears the public sector is simply not ready. But Ministers across Europe are currently fine-tuning plans that have already been approved by the European Parliament and could be passed in 2015.

Individuals will soon have the right to ask for data stored about them to be altered or deleted. But do you know where that data is? How to access it quickly? Who is responsible for it?

The NHS fears that if the regulation is passed in its current form it could have serious consequences for the sharing of patient data and for the collection of data for medical research – not to mention a huge effect on budgets.

But waiting until the last minute to react is a major risk because although the finer details of new legislation are not yet clear, the direction of travel is not in doubt: Europe wants more rights for individuals - and citizens are demanding it.

Crown Records Management believes public sector CIOs and IT Managers should grasp the opportunity to once and for all take charge of the physical and digital data in their organisation and treat it as an asset.

This white paper Leaving The Digital Stone Age Behind analyses what the EU Data Protection Regulation will mean and – most importantly – provides tips on how to prepare for it.

Are you ready for a new data world? 

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