Becoming a Digital Pioneer: Cloud transformation in the public sector

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, those championing digital transformation for their organisation were leading the charge, moving away from clunky legacy systems to innovative, cloud-based solutions. The impact of the pandemic has been felt across almost all sectors, but very few have been hit as hard as central and local government, with many organisations forced to deliver critical services remotely with little pre- warning.

Cloud Gateway and Vysiion conducted two surveys, a year apart, which asked IT leaders about their digital transformation challenges and strategies. The findings from the surveys examine the broad theme of cloud transformation in the public sector, paying particular attention to the challenges and opportunities facing central and local government organisations in 2021 and beyond.

In this latest ebook, you will discover: 

  • Insights from IT leaders across the public sector
  • Recent case studies from central and local government showcasing effective transformation of legacy systems
  • Guidance and advice on high profile government policies, including Cloud First and the closure of the PSN

 Download now and learn how you can create a foundation for transformation to become a Digital Pioneer in your organisation:

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