Broadband Britain - Latest Case Studies

Broadband Britain – Latest Case Studies:
Engaging Connected Citizens with Digital Services

In his 2015 Budget Speech George Osborne stated that the Government was “committed to a new national ambition to bring ultrafast broadband of at least 100 Mbps to nearly all homes in the country, so Britain is out in front”. Furthermore, as internet user habits evolve and the explosion of bandwidth-hungry applications continues, Councils across the UK are under increasing pressure to deliver cost-efficient, scalable and uninterrupted digital services to their citizens, staff and remote offices.

These latest case studies detail how:

  • The Diocese of Hereford ‘married the Medieval with the 21st Century’ and collaborated to deliver superfast, highly reliable internet service via a network of antennae fitted onto churchtowers across the most rural region of England.
  • Dundee City Council met the challenge of providing a wireless connection that would deliver high-speed broadband to its user community, enabling access to a wide selection of online services, all delivered on budget and within a secure, compliant and scalable environment.

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