Widespread Employee Access to Sensitive Files Puts Critical Data at Risk

Despite a growing number of data breaches occurring under the glare of the public spotlight, 71 percent of employees in a new survey report that they have access to data they should not see, and more than half say that this access is frequent or very frequent.

As attention shifts from sophisticated external attacks to the role that internal vulnerability and negligence often play this latest report by the the Ponemon Institute highlights the role that internal vulnerability and negligence often play, suggesting that most organisations are having difficulty balancing the need for improved security with employee productivity demands:

  • 71% of employees surveyed report access to data they should not see
  • Only 22% of employees say their organisation is able to tell them what happened to lost data, files or emails
  • 64% of end users agree that employees are unknowingly the most likely to be responsible for the leakage of data

Simply submit your details below to download the full survey along with the latest white paper on insider threats including the six things you should be doing to mitigate insider threats within your organisation:

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