Carmarthenshire CC and Swansea Council join forces to create South Wales Shared Services Portal: Latest case study

The UK Government is one of the most digitally advanced in the world yet, despite many departments having started to transform how they deliver services in many cases it has not changed the way government organisations operate to deliver them.

Yet as the need for Government to collaborate across traditional organisational boundaries increases, many organisations still see implementation and security as key barriers to more effective ways of working.

Whilst the ambition of a joined-up, paperless public sector is far from realisation, steps have been taken to make data easier to share across government and ensure it is managed securely.

The South Wales Shared Services Portal is the latest innovative platform created to enable paperless and secure file sharing, enabling collaborative working and delivering significant cost savings across the board.

This latest case study outlines the requirements and processes involved to offer ideas as to how your organisation could benefit from creating its own shared services portal.

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