Case Study: Argyll and Bute Council Navigate the Complex World of Microsoft Licensing

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Argyll and Bute Council is responsible for the second largest regional administrative area in Scotland, covering 2,667 square miles and representing 87,000 people. Like all local government bodies, the council has to provide a wide array of services to residents, while adhering to a very strict budget. As a result, cost-effective solutions are extremely valuable to them.

The Challenge: Argyll and Bute were approaching the end of their Enterprise Agreement with Microsoft. As a new deal would last for three years, getting the best value for money was critical. Especially as the initial quote showed a significant cost increase compared to their previous agreement.

The Solution: Insight’s Audit Defence Service provided the council with a comprehensive review of the Microsoft licences purchased by Argyll and Bute, resulting in a much clearer picture of what they were was using, what it needed and where it could end licences without suffering any knock-on effects. This, in turn, allowed for a new licensing agreement with Microsoft, as well as the development of a new seven-year plan, helping the council prepare and budget for the next two licensing agreements.

The Audit Defence service also helped to counter the findings of the Microsoft audit, allowing the council to reduce a potentially large bill by 95%, while also learning how to defend against similar audits in the future.

Research shows 9 in 10 organisations are incorrectly licensed to cover the total number of users: Software typically consumes a quarter of IT budgets but is often not applied carefully. Inefficient software management contributes to this expense through over-procurement and wastage, frequent software audits and multiple publisher and maintenance agreements to juggle. Simply submit your details below to download the full Argyle and Bute case study and the opportunity to book a bespoke ‘Discovery Workshop’ for your organisation: 

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