Continuous Improvement in the Public Sector

Continuous Improvement in the Public Sector…

Is your Continuous Improvement programme keeping up with the constant demand from central government and the public to reduce costs, do more with less and still provide excellent customer service?

ChangeWise provides continuous improvement training and change management experience to:

  • Streamline and continuously improve processes using Lean to remove backlogs, smooth demand, create better flow or answer more calls
  • Achieve greater customer satisfaction, improved service levels and faster delivery with Service Excellence techniques
  • Lower costs by improving efficiency using Operational Excellence tools to help your people be more effective and reduce reliance on temporary staff and overtime costs
  • Assure quality, improve control reduce errors and lower complaints with Six Sigma and Quality Management Systems
  • Deliver project benefits on time, in budget and to scope with ‘best practice’ Project Management

We engage, train and coach your people to use simple tools and techniques to improve their workplace, embed successful changes and adapt to this challenging economic environment:

On-Site Training and Workshops: Mike Williams says: “Many organisations need to adapt to their ever changing competitive environments, but it can be difficult to recognise the early stages of future problems building up. If left too long organisations then need to take major action to avoid a crisis. Employee engagement is critical to successful change and by training and coaching your people to use continuous improvement techniques they can embed change into the way they work on a daily basis. These on-site training courses, workshops and coaching sessions transfer skills, knowledge and experience to your staff so they can sustain a continuous improvement culture”


Public Sector Case Study: We recently helped a forward-thinking University deliver a multi-million pound portfolio of strategic projects so they could rapidly adapt to the significant changes in Higher Education funding and improve their National Student Survey score. We also helped identify significant cost savings through reviewing their administration processes and re-organising around service delivery. We then trained their staff in how to effectively manage change. We are also helping SMEs implement Continuous Improvement programmes to engage and involve their staff in improving their own workplaces.

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