Core connectivity as a key enabler for smart cities

Analysis of how smart technology can raise the UK’s standard of living

With urbanisation continuing at breakneck speed around the world, governments need solutions to make everyday life more sustainable and comfortable. They need smart cities.

By 2050, the UN expects 68% of the global population to be urban. In the UK, this figure is already 84%. From pollution to traffic, and overstretched resources to reductions in standards of living, countless issues can arise if city infrastructures fail to keep pace with urbanisation.

Smart technology in UK cities
The UK has been quick to recognise the importance of smart cities, launching the Smart City Framework in February 2014. According to the Institute for Management Development’s Smart City Index 2020, London, Manchester and Newcastle are now among the top 25 smartest cities in the world.

In order to improve the lives of all citizens, the UK goverment and its councils must first understand the challenges being experienced within their cities, many of which are caused by swelling populations. 

How Will People Benefit
This latest eBook details the most recent innovations and current projects, together with expert commentary and analysis on how Smart Cities can impact positvely on the key challenges including affordable housing, road congestion, health services, security and air pollution.

Download your copy of this latest insightful eBook now:

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