Cyber Security: Nine Steps for Maturing Beyond Checkbox Compliance

How to Avoid Audit Fatigue with a Unified Compliance Strategy

The absolute need for cyber-vigilance and compliance amongst government, health and the public sector organisations was underlined yet again last week when the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine docs were hacked from European Medicines Agency, following on from recent cyber-attacks on Public Health Wales, Hackney Council, Newcastle University and Greater Manchester Police.

However, many public sector organisations still approach cybersecurity as a series of actions taken in order to check the right compliance boxes, an approach which can lead to the cycle of crisis-driven audit preparation, a suspenseful audit, remediating based on those findings, and waiting until the next hurried audit preparation phase returns.

Increasingly, the more effective approach adopted by security leaders is one that goes beyond this disjointed compliance cycle and ultimately results in mitigating security risk more effectively.

By successfully executing the nine steps outlined in this latest white paper, your organisation can institute and rely upon regular, defined activities to complete the heavy lifting of preparing for a successful audit long before it occurs (rather than continually having to react to and manage the audit preparation crisis of the day!)

Completing these nine steps requires senior management stakeholders, ICT and security teams to all mutually support the same goals.

Download this short helpful guide to avoiding audit and compliance fatigue:

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