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Latest eBook: Top 10 GIS Successes in Government and Public Sector

Modern Government aspires to make the most of its data, to enable agile, effective and cost- effective decision making.

Increasingly, central government departments and Local Authorities are with powerful mapping and spatial analytics software to improve Operational Intelligence and deliver Smarter Communities.

This eBook explores how 10 organisations are currently deploying GIS to reduce costs, inform policy, attract investment and optimise citizen services including:

  • Cabinet Office - Improving transparency in Central Government
  • City of Westminster - Delivering savings of up £2 million a year via new approach to waste services procurement
  • GLA - Reducing road disruption for 10.5 million Londoners – estimated annual saving of £4m

All of this, using out-of-the-box, rapidly deployable secure solutions that are low cost and provide a significant return on investment.

Submit your details below to download this wide-ranging selection of latest case studies on how GIS is currently delivering efficiencies and savings across transport, customer service, planning, waste management, regeneration and the environment:

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