Disaster Recovery as a Service: A Guide for the Public Sector

Disaster Recovery as a Service: 
Latest Public Sector Guidance

The Public Sector is going through an unprecedented period of technology refresh and system innovation.

With Data Protection Regulation a growing concern and unrivalled levels of personal data, Public Sector organisations with a security mandate are now facing the toughest of times as they look to mount an adequate and effective defence.

Whether it’s a case of a network attack or lost mobile device, a major data incident is always a case of when, not if.

  • Data is the new global currency and ergo needs better protection.
  • Governments and front-line public service organisations are primary targets for hactivists and malicious external attacks.
  • The public sector collects and retains an unrivalled degree of personal information – and they are charged with keeping it safe.
  • The current push for transformation is taking resource and money away from core issues like security, incident management and disaster recovery.
  • Government departments know that the public expects higher standards of governance and probity and will hold them to account. 

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