Employee and Lone Worker Protection Manual

Latest Guide: The Employee and Lone Worker Protection Manual

In today’s Britain, Public Sector employees face various risks on a daily basis from illness, accident or aggression.

However, there is now a range of solutions available to swiftly get assistance to lone workers and employees at risk in their hour of need.

Already in place within all Police Forces and used widely across the public sector, these solutions work on any mobile device, any network, anywhere, allowing you to locate colleagues and get help when it is needed.

This latest guide explains how to: 

  • Design & implement the best lone worker protection system for your organisation
  • Deliver training throughout your organisation backed by full reporting
  • Ensure your system is sustainable, future-proof and scalable


“In one particular incident, the combination of the Trackaphone technology and the professional emergency response service, in my opinion, may have saved the life of one of our rural employees." 
Government Health & Safety Manager
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