FREE COVID 19 Chatbot: AI Support during COVID 19 outbreak

Citizen service automation company, We Build Bots has released the code for its FREE COVID19 information chatbot, and around a dozen Local Authorities are already experiencing call and email reductions since going live (a process that takes less than a minute!). 

But the support for Local Government doesn’t stop there…

Many Local Authorities requested additional automation support from We Build Bots so the company has created a second, more in depth bot product called ’Signpost’. 

As well as the standard COVID19 information, ‘Signpost’ links website visitors to any council information they need, further reducing inbound call and email volumes. 

Our platform has seen huge growth in traffic since COVID19 became a real concern among UK citizens (as per the charts below), so we have created a COVID19 support bot.

Deployed in minutes, it's already having a substantial impact on reducing call volumes. West Berkshire are among 12 deployments to date, and recently summed up the benefits we're delivering…

“The bot uses the information on our website to signpost, streamlining user experience, decreasing dwell time and having an impact on call centre volumes. Last week it was being used 50-60 times per hour”!

The Signpost chatbot service costs £10k (a 90% reduction on our core product), and for that fee, we build, test, generate the code and supply it ready for your IT teams to simply paste into your website. As well as links to all Council service lines, the bot includes in-depth information on COVID19, covering all citizen needs to relieve pressure on Local Authority frontlines.

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