Government Departments under Siege. A Call to Action

Government Departments under Siege. A Call to Action:
Latest Industry Outlook on Challenges Facing UK Public Sector

Public sector data sets have grown, and continue to grow, exponentially. Reaction times required to harness and protect – both in the private and public sectors – is dangerously slow. The case for undeniable gains to be made must be considered alongside all threats, not least that of increasingly significant financial penalties.

Government data is under siege. As disparate and unwieldy databases grow, the landscape for effective data analytics becomes more challenging. Data is not only at risk of under analysis, but also creates fertile ground for cyber-attacks, both external and internal. Government’s data is fast becoming a prime and soft target for cyber criminals, intent on data theft.

Increased legislation and compliance demands that departments maintain and improve control of data. Getting ahead of compliance law and staying out of the news has become a prime concern to private and public sector leaders alike.

Unisys understand your business challenges around complex data management, analysis, and security; and the laws and infrastructure driving this industry.

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