How the NHS’ 10-year Plan Demands Improved Connectivity

Last year, the NHS celebrated its 70th birthday, marking another decade of service for one of the country’s most important and valued public institutions.

But with this anniversary came a heightened pressure – because the NHS has never been under more strain. A combination of austerity budgets and an aging population means the NHS is struggling to meet the demands placed on it. In response, the government pledged an extra £20.5billion to the service over the next five years. It also asked frontline staff and patient groups to help draw up ‘the NHS Long Term Plan’, with the aim of designing a service fit for the future.

Now, the question is where else can Britain’s most beloved institution find efficiency savings that will ensure its smooth running over the long term.

All public sectors organisations are digital now. Whether you operate in healthcare services or in the police force, you’ll rely on digital technology to meet the needs of citizens.

This means that connectivity is a critical enabler for the public sector.  

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