How to Maximise budget in your new Financial Year - Latest eGuide

Unlike in many areas of the private sector, the financial year-end in the public sector can have serious repercussions for the public sector, particularly ICT and technology teams. Come April 1st, resource requirements will have been reviewed, projects assessed and budgets for the coming year allocated. And public sector IT Directors who haven’t used up their piece of the pie before the year rolls over will almost certainly experience cuts in the months to come.

This can not only hinder projects and plans, but also a teams’ ability to work with the most advanced, future-ready technologies. To avoid losing out in the next financial year, it’s crucial to finish the current one strongly. That means utilising budget, shifting projects on the back burner to the front, and working with providers to get new, exciting technologies brought into your department when they become available, to help realise greater cost efficiencies and productivity gains in to the new year.

This helpful eGuide takes a look at how public sector Directors can utilise any unspent budget to make the most of the financial year-end before it happens, how to get projects going and what technology will be making the difference to the sector in the coming years.

It also covers the five things every public sector Director can do to ensure they’re ready for financial year-end. or organisation, when compared to the private sector or other areas of the public sector that have modernised.

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