It Asset Disposition (ITAD): A Necessary Part of GDPR Compliance

Many organisations that keep or process personal data of EU citizens are hard at work trying to reach the May, 2018 compliance deadline for the EU’s General Data Protection

Regulation (GDPR). Yet, despite these efforts, a large number of organisations remain far from ready. Many also remain unaware of the need for GDPR compliance at the far side of their asset life cycle: namely, the point of IT asset disposition (ITAD).

Proving GDPR compliance with a formal ITAD policy is important, but often overlooked. Fortunately, good advice can make it easier to develop an ITAD policy.

This latest guidance sets out how to formalise your ITAD policy and best practices together with an essential checklist to assess your requirements and evaluate your current and potential new suppliers. Determine where your suppliers sit in terms of the three core aspects of a comprehensive media and IT asset disposition programme:

  • media and hard drive destruction
  • e-waste recycling
  • IT asset remarketing

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