Kent Police Digital Asset Management (DAMS) Case Study

The new digital world is instant and dynamic requiring policing to make a transformational step change in order to collect, store and analyse the rising volumes of digital evidence and handle the increasing complexity of criminal investigation.

Kent Police Challenge
Kent Police currently capture multi-media or digital evidence from a variety of sources, e.g. close circuit television (CCTV), body worn video (BWV), interview recordings, radio recordings, computer, etc. Much of this is stored and presented on DVD  to support court proceedings.

The current process at Kent Police for managing digital assets is therefore fragmented, inefficient and out of line with public expectations.

Policing needs to embrace and recognise the scale of transformational change that an end-to-end Digital Asset Management System will deliver, or drown in a sea of digital material that requires more storage, more visits to collect, increased workloads in specialist areas of the business to capture and download, and more complex security and legal retention procedures.

Digital Asset Management (DAMS) Results
DAMS is now helping transform policing by enabling better, more timely and proactive decision-making, while improving the efficiency of both front-line and support resources.

Methods has supported Kent Police in every aspect through a very complex and detailed OJEU process and delivering of the proof of concept (POC) to highly challenging timescales. Benefits identified by Methods provided a robust financial case for a full roll out of DAMS within a tight transformation budget for Kent Police. Methods’ work with Kent Police has a been ‘used’ at National Level within the Digital First programme, recognising its contribution to delivering a successful national programme of work.

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