Land Registry Rejuvenates Workforce with Landmark Apprenticeship Scheme

jobsgopublic                       Land Registry Rejuvenates Workforce in Landmark Apprenticeship Scheme


Managed Recruitment: Land Registry Case Study


The Challenge:

Following a period of significant downsizing arising from the property crash of 2007, Land Registry had not recruited in to their operations function for 7 years. With a workforce demographic which included 42% of their staff entering, or nearing retirement age and the launch of an organisation wide digitisation programme on the horizon, the organisation found themselves with an urgent need to refresh its workforce and plan for the future.


The Solution:

In May 2014 they decided to launch a new apprenticeship scheme, the first in its 150 year history to begin to address these issues, and rejuvenate the workforce. As a Government Agency, Land Registry selected Jobsgopublic for this project, based on their established reputation for providing innovative recruitment and resourcing solutions within the public sector, delivering in excess of 1,000 applicants resulting in 60 appointments and 100% success rate!


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