Latest Case Study: UK Parliament Optimising Privileged Access

Achieving Seamless, Efficient Privileged Access Whilst Increasing Security  

Whilst the crowd of tourists outside the UK Parliament’s House of Commons or House of Lords may be large, the crowd of cybercriminals outside the parliamentary network is even larger. “The security threats are non-stop,” says Cherry O’Donnell, head of identity and access management at The Parliamentary Digital Service (PDS). “We are a major target, making network security a top focus”

PDS supports the UK’s House of Commons and the House of Lords as well as parliamentary staff. Serving many purposes, PDS supports IT, manages the parliamentary network, develops applications and plans for future technological needs. It also runs the UK Parliament website and social media.

Managing multiple changes - Keeping a network secure by carefully managing access is particularly challenging owing to the number and variety of accounts in Active Directory (AD). There are those accounts for the members of parliament (MPs) and their personnel as well as the Lords and their employees. Then there are more than 2,000 permanent parliamentary staff, and accounts will have to be created or deleted for the 100 to 200 people who either join or leave the network each month.

Download this brand new case study to discover how PDS simplified Active Directory management while increasing security and freeing up time for hybrid cloud migration:

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