Latest Guide to GDPR Grade Security for Government

A Guide to GDPR Grade Security for Government 

In a society of ever changing regulation and compliance one thing is certain; your data is precious.

Everyone desires your data. Foreign governments, your government, bad people pretending to be good people, search engines trying to optimise advertisements. Data can be seen as a commodity to be traded, often to the highest bidder. How do you maintain ownership of your data, and secure citizen trust through a zero-breach policy?

Classic firewall perimeter defence is no longer an adequate model to protect your most vital assets. Firewalls are a failed premise and have become outdated or obsolete with respect to security. Their modern-day purpose continues to keep perpetrators out, while today’s cyber criminals have already gotten in.

Pressures to modernise IT ecosystems are often exacerbated by budget restrictions… So you’ve moved your data into cloud, but are you sure it meets compliance and regulation standards? Bring your own device has improved productivity, but are you confident your current security covers these devices?

Although Britain has voted to leave Europe, GDPR compliance regulation will undoubtedly still have pertinence. Ultimately the responsibility to protect a department’s data integrity sits with the CISO and CIO. Ensure your department meets regulatory standards in time, or you could be responsible for substantial fines. 

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