Latest Research Paper: A Guide to Seizing the Information Advantage

Latest Research Paper:
Your Guide to Seizing the Information Advantage

Success in records and information management takes planning, organisation and a strategy for taking control of physical and digital records from creation, through active use, to secure short, long-term or permanent storage and planned disposition.

Done well, records and information management helps your organisation limit information risk, manage costs and lay the foundation for successful data analytics.

How well organisations manage their information has become an indicator of their overall success.

Most have two priorities; the first is managing risk to satisfy regulators and protect against loss or breach, and the second is value extraction.

The goal is to find the balance where threats are minimised, legal requirements are observed and information delivers insights that help meet customer and stakeholder expectation.

This balance point is your information advantage.

Latest research from PwC and Iron Mountain indicates that very few businesses are able to achieve the information advantage….in fact just 4% belong to the information elite.

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