Latest Research Paper: Why wait to pursue net zero?

Around the world, governments and businesses are realising that the targets they have announced are not good enough and they need to be bolder and take action sooner. Major economies such as the UK and the US now consider this decade to be decisive in the fight against climate change.

It comes, of course, against the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic, which brought economies around the world to a standstill. But instead of diverting attention from climate change and sustainability, the pandemic has done something surprising. It has shown organisations the importance of addressing sustainability and decarbonisation to ensure their future growth.

But exactly how are organisations balancing their environmental and financial responsibilities? What gains are sustainable organisations experiencing? And what new opportunities does the energy transition create?

Our research finds that there are organisations in all industries and of all sizes that are proceeding with a real sense of urgency, as are public sector organisations. We call them ‘leading sustainable businesses’ or just ‘leaders’.

They are leading for two reasons:

  1. By taking steps to pursue net zero now, they know they will make their organisations more resilient, competitive and sustainable in the long term.
  2. They know that policy change is coming, and they are trying to get ahead of it

Download this latest research report to discover what sustainability leaders are doing to balance the demands of planet and financial stability:

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Sustainable Business Research – Key Findings:

81% of sustainable business leaders say decarbonisation through energy management is a critical part of their sustainability plan, compared to 47% of followers.

46% of followers don’t know what energy technologies to invest in. Just 11% of sustainable business leaders feel the same.

83% of sustainable business leaders proactively decarbonise before compliance required it, compared to 45% of followers.

69% of sustainable business leaders select suppliers based on their ability to cut their carbon footprint, compared to 44% of followers.