Latest White Paper – Public Sector Information Security Threats

Information is the lifeblood of all public sector organisations, and thanks to modern computing technology, that info rmation can be easily shared with colleagues, clients and suppliers. As our dependency on computers and technology deepens, so do the risks and threats to those systems. These threats range from curious teenagers to disgruntled employees, activists and criminals.
Just as computers and networks have evolved to enable your organisation to be more productive, so have the threats. The traditional insider threat still remains, and as technology progress­es, so have the knowledge, capabilities, sophistication and profiles of the external threat sources. Understanding what you are trying to protect and your threat sources is critical to deploy­ing the critical controls that protect against those threats.

Public sector info rmation security/protection is no longer the sole preserve of IT departments and requires a level of input and understanding from senior management and departmental heads.

A recent paper from leading independent info rmation security expert Brian Honan, highlights and discusses in plain terms the range of internal and external threats to your organisations.


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