Managing Your Information: The Hidden Costs & Savings Waiting to Be Discovered

Managing Your Information:
The Hidden Costs & Savings Waiting to Be Discovered

Latest Research concludes that:

  • 35% of working hours are still being wasted by employees searching for information.
  • 71% of organisations could reduce their storage costs by 30 percent if only they knew what they could destroy.

Against the above backdrop, this guide takes you through the business case for managing information, from storing tapes to recycling e-waste like old laptops, providing insights into using office space more effectively, digitising and promoting best practices more widely.

The 1st step to justifying investment in your own organisation’s improving information management is to demonstrate value for money and return on investment. This paper provides the tools to help calculate current costs, which aren’t always obvious at first glance, in the following 4 key areas:

  • Space - The Hidden Cost That’s All Around You
  • Retention - Savings Just Waiting to Be Discovered
  • Digitisation – Discover and Maximise Efficiencies
  • Universal Implementation – The Most Important Investment of All

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