Ministerial Department Realising Digital Transformation with SD-WAN

Central Government Case Study – 2019

Digital Transformation: The goal to improve IT infrastructure efficiency through cost, flexibility and security, in order that our public sector can deliver the better outcomes that citizens demand and deserve and maintain the UK’s position as a world leading provider of public services.

So how Is SD-Wan helping? 
An increasing number of government organisations are turning to SD-Wan (software-defined wide-area network) technology to deliver with increased connectivity, heightened security, greater network visibility, near real-time insight/analytics and reduced costs. For the public sector, SD-Wan offers a direct pathway to meeting their stated targets and the challenges of improved performance, compliance, reliability, tangible savings and better outcomes for citizens.

Latest Government case study:
A vital UK government  ministerial department recently identified SD-WAN technology as a cost-effective solution to their own networking requirements, with a plan to provide secure network connectivity to their regional offices. Utilising our expertise in this field of technology, married to our proven track record of working with central government at security clearance levels, we were able to swiftly provide a suitable design solution enabling the project to be successfully completed.

The solution:
We presented a clear and concise project plan which helped resolve pre-existing design challenges and successfully deployed the technology on time and on budget, but also included a 3-year managed service plan for the client. 

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The outcome:
Following successful deployment of SD-WAN technology, the ministerial department in question is now benefitting from greater application visibility, performance and problem reporting.

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