Mobile Security - An Enabler for Digital Strategies

IDC Vendor Spotlight:

Mobile Security — An Enabler for Digital Strategies

Mobility is a strong area of focus for public sector organisations, and a key element of the worksource transformation strategies that are increasingly commonplace in today's marketplace. Worksource transformation has become a C-level priority thanks to the multiple benefits on offer, such as greater productivity, employee flexibility and better citizen engagement.

In the public sector, the concept of "mobile first" has been promoted in the U.K. since the launch of Government Digital Service (GDS) in 2011. Central and local government employ thousands of civil servants in the field performing essential works for the community, such as social services, censuses, surveys, and engineering work. They all require secure, reliable, and cost-effective mobile solutions providing real time and contextual information to perform their jobs.

This latest IDC Vendor Spotlight outlines three key security "mega-trends" that are shaping the market, and mobility solutions needed to cope with all three, including:

  1. The dynamic threat landscape – Threat actors are maturing in terms of their scale, capability, professionalism and collaboration. The scale of the threat means that enterprises can no longer rely on blocking known threats to remain secure.
  2. The rising tide of digital transformation – The concept of a "secure perimeter" is now obsolete, with corporate applications and data residing beyond the firewall. This challenge is enhanced due to the growing number of mobile workers in the organisation.
  3. The mounting burden of regulatory reform – The privacy and security of data is a core focus of regulations such as GDPR. The status quo is not sufficient to achieve compliance.

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