New CESG BYOD Guidance enables Home PC usage at OFFICIAL

        Cost-Efficient, Secure Flexible Working: Latest CESG Guidance

CESG, the National Technical Authority for Information Assurance in the UK, recently issued BYOD guidance that enables public sector organisations to provide flexible working to more staff, but without the high costs of providing  company issued laptops.

With the publication of CESG guidance on Excitor G/On, organisations can benefit in a number of key areas:-

  • Enable more staff to work from home on their personal PC, improving employee satisfaction
  • Simplify IT by installing an Excitor G/On server that replaces the need for complex remote access solutions
  • Reuse older equipment by reissuing end of life machines with a lightweight G/On OS token

Submit your details below to access the latest CESG guidance, Excitor G/On Security White Paper and to learn how you could increase flexible working whilst delivering operational and cost efficiencies:

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