On-Demand Webcast: Accelerating GDPR Beyond Compliance to Better Customer Service

Accelerating GDPR Webinar: Beyond Compliance to Better Customer Service: 4th March 10am

Are you interested in automating your GDPR processes?

With strict timelines and reporting requirements, managing Requests for Information using manual processes are often resource-intensive and lack consistency, transparency and visibility.  Automating these processes and extending the reach of information governance can provide a springboard for enhancing productivity and performance more widely.

Download the on-demand webinar ‘Accelerating GDPR’ in which Objective and Micro Focus discuss how organisations can streamline GDPR processes to promote trust, efficiency and collaboration across your organisation.  Highlights include:

  • GDPR - the highs and lows
  • Simplifying GDPR processes through automation
  • Protecting sensitive content & collaborating securely
  • Driving efficiencies through transparency & accountability & real-time dashboard reporting 

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