One Public Estate: Number Management is Key to a Seamless Transition

Jointly delivered by the LGA and Cabinet Office’s government property unit, the ambitious ‘One Public Estate’ initiative will see public sector organisations across the UK unite under one common purpose to make the best possible use of available space and assets, and transform the way they operate.

Government estimates project that the selling of properties will generate more than £138 million in capital receipts and reduce the running costs of central and local government assets by £56 million.

LGA Chairman, Lord Porter, said:

"Through One Public Estate, councils have shown that they are in the perfect position to act as leaders of place and deliver effective cross public sector asset management. Councils are already the most efficient part of the public sector, and they have reaped impressive rewards for their communities through their leadership on the programme, unlocking land to create vital homes and jobs, helping services to work better together, and bringing in money while generating savings for the future.”

But any transformation involves an upheaval stage. One important but often overlooked element to consider in the consolidation of estates is the telephone system. When organisations change location, such as NHS Trusts, fire and rescue and other vital services, the need to educate the public around a change of numbers or missing a potentially life or death call creates nightmare scenarios.

BT smartnumbers can help. When Northampton Borough Council closed one of its sites which was the base for their Callcare service, they used BT smartnumbers to ensure the 24h delivery of critical services remained unaffected.

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