Public Sector Network Security Report 2019

C-Suite Perspective: CEOs Are the New Trust Officers

Government institutions require online applications to streamline processes, provide content and cut costs. The growth of online services and web-based content introduces new challenges to the public sector that need to address issues like 24x7 access to critical applications to ensure end-user quality of experience (QoE) and protection of consumer records.

The public sector is targeted by an array of threat actors, from hackers and hacktivists to state-sponsored threats, the biggest being that of state-sponsored cyberattacks. More than half of the incidents in a recent study were reported by public sector employees, with 330 incidents resulting in confirmed data disclosure. State-sponsored attacks, miscellaneous errors and privilege misuse represent 72% of public sector breaches, with espionage and financial gain reported as the two primary motives.

From a C-Suite Perspective CEOs are now viewed as the new Trust Officers, This report provides helpful insights into:

  • Long-Term Business Impacts of Cyberattacks
  • Analysis of Emerging Risks
  • Cybersecurity Predictions

Download your copy of the latest Government Network Security Brief, along with the 2018–2019 Global Application and Network Security Report now:

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