Registers of Scotland Moves to a Digital Future

The keeper of the world’s oldest public land register moves to a digital future with Citrix.

Combining an office move with a technology upgrade, RoS redesigned the workplace to create different working environments and free people from their desks.

A 90% reduction in carbon footprint, a 25% saving in desk space, improved data security and a robust business continuity plan were all secondary to Register of Scotland’s goal of creating a work environment where people could be at their best.

This latest case study outlines Registers Scotlands seamless journey from antiquated, siloed and restrictive ways of working to their new bespoke, secure, collaborative cloud platform offering employees unprecented levels of flexibilty.

“We decided that Citrix was the right solution for us based on the fact that it would give us the security we needed, the mobility we needed and would work with other solutions we intended to deploy. It’s been an absolute enabler for us.” – Jeff Miller, Head of It Services, Registers of Scotland

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