Remove your own Windows 7 application compatibility issues

Remove your Windows 7 application compatibility issues to Windows 10 – Exclusive Free Trial Offer!

Whilst most applications are now successfully running on Windows 10, all organisations have a small percentage of applications that stubbornly refuse to make the migration, contributing toward the staggering amount of £2.6Billion per year still being spent on government and public sector legacy IT and extended Microsoft support costs.

WiredGov users are cordially invited to avoid ‘kicking the can down the road’ on extended support, via this exclusive offer to take a free trial of a proven solution already at work in the NHS and wider public sector (*100% success rate to date and no applications left behind):

  • Remove your own Windows 7 application compatibility issues to Windows 10
  • Migrate quickly and remove Windows 7 Extended Support costs
  • Enjoy a 30-day free fully licensed trial (available via Microsoft Azure Marketplace)

(Professional and managed services available if capacity is a challenge)

Simply register your interest now to potentially extinguish all your organisation’s extended support costs and dispense with any existing nuisance legacy scenarios such as multiple OS environments/ laptops/poor user experience:

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