Research Report: Planning for a digitally-led future Post Covid

The Covid Pandemic has dramatically changed the public sector landscape forever, remote working in particular benefitting employees with reduced commute time, more personal time and childcare savings, whilst organisations have benefitted from a happier, healthier workforce (and the inevitable drop in sick leave) and a significant reduction in their overall carbon footprint.

This research-led whitepaper sets out to understand digital transformation priorities and barriers within government organisations in the next few years, detailing the insights of over 100 government and public sector decision makers from a diverse UK government and public sector organisations including local authorities, BEIS, MoD, Defra and DfE.

Insights and commentary sections include:

  • Adapting to COVID-led disruption
  • Addressing employee-centric priorities within the workplace
  • The future of work post-COVID
  • Top 6 key recommendations

Find out more and download this insightful report now.

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