Secure Government Data storage: The importance of protecting the device and not just the network

The latest Home Office Annual Report details a steep rise in data incidents (a 650% increase from secured government premises and a 350% increase from outside secured government premises), mainly thanks to increased awareness and improvements in reporting culture.

At a time of increased remote working and the inevitable rise in reliance on cloud technology to keep data secure, the main data security focus remains understandably on the network. However, it will often be necessary to store mission critical data off-the-cloud for down-time resilience, back-ups or other operational reasons, which means key consideration should also be how best to secure those devices where they hold sensitive data. There are many products and solutions that offer varying degrees of data encryption and password protection, along with remote wiping capability (so that if the device is lost then the data won’t be compromised). 

Western Digital, leaders in storage, have produced a brief and helpful thought leadership piece detailing:

  • The advantages of hardware encryption
  • Application security through sandboxing
  • Communications protocols over Bluetooth and USB
  • Data Protection through hardware-backed encryption

Download your copy of this latest insight on the importance of protecting the device and not just the network:

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