TIME TO SPEAK UP! How the Public Sector can find its voice

“Alexa, which wheelie bins are being collected tomorrrow?..”

From June 23rd 2021 you may be breaking the law if your public sector website or mobile app does not meet accessibility requirements.

There are currently over 13 million UK citizens struggling to do the simplest of tasks and carry out every day actions due to inaccessible websites and digital services.

Voice Technology has real potential to add value for organisations and users, to solve problems and ultimately improve people’s lives. The public sector is an area that can see huge benefits from voice.

The current pandemic means public sector needs to find ways to communicate and engage with the public more than ever. The challenges that 2020 has brought have seen industries turn to new technologies and given rise to new opportunities for innovation to help.

As 1 in 5 homes now owns a smart speaker, voice is set to be the fastest adopted technology in history. This latest guide outlines the key benefits of voice and the steps your organisation should take to get ahead of the curve.


3 Key benefits of voice:

  • Accessibility for those with disabilities
  • Speed and convenience
  • Personalisation‚Äč


What key services could voice provide?

  • Local updates surrounding the Pandemic
  • Doctors or hospital appointments
  • Form and application requests
  • Surveys

Voice is a simple and convenient channel for sharing important information, last year Hampshire County Council ran a pilot which provided smart speakers to people under adult social care and three quarters of those who took part said the device helped improve their lives.

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