The Digital Citizen: Smartphone Public Service Delivery Explained

The Digital Citizen: Smartphone Public Service Delivery Explained

Despite saving billions of pounds and countless hours over the decades, Interactive Voice Recognition (IVR) has consistently been something that customers most hate about dealing with contact centres.

The continual drive to offer citizens more service channels – web self-service, mobile apps, complex telephony options –can create more customer frustration, as the usual independence of each channel means that customers have to repeat themselves when they do reach an agent.

The advent of Visual IVR is changing all this..... Over half of calls handled by UK contact centres are from mobile phones and 56% of British adults have a smartphone. With it being far quicker to read text than to listen to it being spoken - studies show that a caller can navigate a Visual IVR menu five or six times faster than a traditional IVR menu.

Click here to download this latest research paper and find out how Visual IVR can significantly reduce costs and improve customer service delivery without sacrificing functionality or options.


If you wish to experience a brief demo of Visual IVR, simply dial the number below from your mobile phone:

Once you're connected, simply press 1 to see VIVR in action


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