The IT Manager’s Ultimate Guide to Cloud Email Security - UK Government Edition


UK Goverment agencies and the public sector are under attack. According to research quoted by Techworld, Government agencies and activist groups are the most popular targets for spear phishing attacks. And this one route of attack, the tip of the iceberg.

Recent events surrounding the “email pranking” of high-level government officials, both in the UK and the US, along with the ransomware incident involving Lincolnshire Borough Council, highlight the need for increased vigilance across the public sector in this digital age.

The mission critical nature of email, the sensitive content contained in messages and the fact that your own mail systems can be used as a gateway to other resources inside the network, makes it a particularly attractive target for hackers. From inquisitive script kiddies, to mission-driven hacktivists, to determined attacks from hostile nation states, there is always someone trying to breach defences and steal data. And that’s without considering the impact your own employees can have on email security.

In this latest guide you will find the latest, startling stats on the rising threat of spam, malware, phishing and ransomware and discover how to:

  • Build watertight policies that will protect your email security.
  • Get staff on board and involved with security.
  • Plan and empowering users to manage their own email security.
  • Streamline operations and cost-saving efficiencies.
  • Pitch to the board for funding.

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