The Security Mindset: How to keep your organisation secure with information security

When someone mentions Information Security, many business leaders switch off?

“We’re never going to get hacked. It wouldn’t happen to us. So why should we spend time and resource on making sure our systems are secure?”

But data hacks and ransom attacks are on the rise and organisations with sensitive data are increasingly seeing their systems being targeted by malicious parties. And that’s where the security mindset comes in…

This concept goes across everything you do as a Public Sector organisation. For example, when onboarding new hires, you need to take them through understanding Information Security, take them through your company policies, explain what they can and cannot do. Then when people are doing their job and going using your IT systems, you make them think about exactly what they’re doing and think about how to be secure.

That’s the security mindset.

This whitepaper is designed to help you understand how you can introduce the security mindset to your organisation and dramatically reduce the risk of your organistion being hacked or held to ransom.

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